We are the System and Network Interoperability (SYSTRON) Lab, exploring distributed systems, interoperability, and network technologies.

Our Research Themes

Distributed Systems

Enhancing edge computing systems for optimal performance and resilience by leveraging distributed systems benefits.


Connecting diverse systems for reliable IoT and edge computing, addressing challenges in M2M, M2H, and H2D interactions.

Network Technologies

Exploring protocols and security for future communication systems, contributing to the evolution of reliable IoT and wireless networks.

Our Research Team

Dr Poonam Yadav


Vijon Baraku

PhD Student

Rehab Alawadh

PhD Student

Reem Alhabib

PhD Student

Dr Panos Papanastasiou

Research Associate

Dr Kangfeng Ye

Research Associate

Joshua Levett

PhD Student

Evangelos Barmpas

PhD Student

Anthony Moulds

Senior Experimental Officer

Angelo Feraudo

Affiliate / Visiting PhD Student