Vijon presenting a poster at CLOSER 2024

I am happy to share that I have published my first paper, titled “Responsible Information Sharing in the Era of Big Data Analytics: Facilitating Digital Economy Through the Use of Blockchain Technology and Observing GDPR”.

This article was accepted to the CLOSER 2024 conference, which marked my first time presenting at a big academic conference. It was an incredibly helpful experience because it allowed me to share my research insights with a diverse audience of professionals and peers in the field.

The conference provided me with the opportunity not only to present my work, but also to participate in meaningful discussions, receive constructive feedback, and gain new perspectives on my study. I also got the opportunity to network with other researchers and industry experts, forming connections that I hope will lead to future collaborations and breakthroughs in data sovereignty.

Overall, presenting at CLOSER 2024 has been an important milestone in my academic career, broadening my knowledge and strengthening my commitment to promoting responsible information sharing in the digital economy.